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Winter Studio Shoot

Plans sometimes go sideways! The plan for this photoshoot was an epic trip up to the snow... However the weather had other plans and the rain in the week leading up to this had turned the snow to mush....

It had been a while since participating in a studio shoot... and this one did not disappoint.

As usual, photographer, William Aung, snapped his magic! It is always amazing to see lighting setups and how this translates into the still photos. His work always captures the feminine and I am truly excited to work on any projects with him.

Ann-Marie is an absolute master at creating the perfect dewy look. (Also worked on Sasha in our boudoir shoot.) She absolutely nailed the winter look for this series.

My lovely sister creates gorgeous embroidery designs, and I am always thrilled to team them with my gowns ( For this shoot she provided the earrings - Sculpted silk Fuschia drop earring, crystal bow earring & Hellebore snow stud earring.)

Catherine usually creates floral art with paper and silk, but was kind enough to pop the fresh Hellebore floral crown together with Holly's mum, Sam. They happily sat outside the studio and popped this together while hair and makeup was being done.

Blue silk orchid bouquet also by Catherine.

This is my second shoot with Holly, who is an absolute delight to watch 'do her thing' in front of the camera. A real natural that I look forward to seeing her career blossom into the future.

Gowns included:

Black french lace (Ankle length)

Classic bias slip (in Silver blue)

Hellebore silk & velvet ballgown

Faux fur shrug in nougat

Faux fur bolero in white

I hope you enjoy this beautiful photo series.

Photoshoot credits below images.

Hair & Makeup Ann- Marie Kriston

Earrings Mary @ Studio.1118


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