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"Mastering Bridal Styling: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Ashleigh Haase Photography Workshop Creation"

I am delighted to share these gorgeous images from Ashleigh Haase Photography. This shoot is part of a course being created for photographers by Ashleigh. Here's a glimpse into her beautiful work!

The Concept: One of my beautiful brides messaged me on instagram with a shoutout from a local photographer needing gowns last minute (this revolved around the new year and not everyone was back from holidays)

This shoot was being prepared to create content for a new course Ashleigh is creating for fellow photographers on all the tips for shooting couples on their wedding day.

I have seen Ashleigh's work before and I love her style, so I replied and invited her to come and see what I gowns have.

Preparation: Ashleigh and model, Kelsey, dropped past the studio to try on gowns and see which ones would be suited to show how different volumes and textures photograph. The idea is to show how the need to navigate alternate styles will influence the photographer in how to direct the couples to achieve a great shot.

Behind the Scenes: A fabulous team were on board on the day. Everyone was delightful to get along with and each had their contribution to make. Makeup artist jumped in last minute to model the silk satin gown with the bow, and partners of both models were absolute naturals in front of the camera.. as you can see below!

Capturing the Magic: Ashleigh was fantastic to watch as she demonstrated poses to the couples. She was fun, dynamic and wove magic into every image. The girls capturing the video of her in action was an extra layer to the whole dynamic, as there were different modes in use! (Camera, video camera, phone camera)

Fashion and Styling: The goal was for modern formal glam bridal styling. Whether one opts for a ballgown style or a slinky number, this aesthetic can be achieved. I just about fell over when I saw the florist had used Dahlias in the main arrangement, as I brought my veil with silk Dahlias on it... a perfect match! I would love to know if you think both the dresses suit this venue?

Location Spotlight: Montsalvat is a stunning backdrop for photoshoots and they, of course, have a selection of locations on site for weddings. If you haven't been there before, it's a lovely day out for a visit and worth putting on the list for potential wedding day hosting.

Photography Highlights: Below is a selection of photos that featured a couple of my designs. The final result takes my breath away. I hope you enjoy browsing this gallery as much as I do.

The Team:

Content creator: @amsocials

Makeup Artist: @apricotauramua

Reflections:It was wonderful to watch Ashleigh in action and seeing how gently and naturally she works with couples to create magical images. It is also an honour to participate in a little way as other creatives are expanding their projects. I look forward to seeing what Ashleigh puts together in her upcoming projects and offerings to other photographers.

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