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Real Bride Kahra

When Kahra contacted me with her design inspiration, I was thrilled with the opportunity to work with a new technique.

Bridal couture is all about handwork and unique details. The pearl beadwork was custom designed and hand loomed in India.

This arrived in 1 metre lengths and was ready to cut up and shape into this design. This took a few months on it's own to complete and arrive in Australia.

I like to call gowns like this 'Puzzle' dresses, as every section in shaped around the individual measurements of the bride. There is very little scope to alter a design like this once all the beadwork is on.

I custom dyed the dot guipure lace to match the silk and got to work! With all the supplies in hand this gown took around 120 hours to complete. (This does not include the time the beaders too loom the pearls.)

Working on this with Kahra was a joyful and given the complexity of the project, a relatively relaxing process.

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