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Navigating the Perfect Bride Style 2024: Real Bride Tayla's Design Journey

Updated: Mar 18

In approaching her upcoming wedding, Tayla, like so many brides, was suddenly thrown into the rollercoaster journey of finding the perfect wedding dress. Being inspired by some gorgeous gowns 'out there' but not finding the right fit or desired budget range, the rabbit hole of the internet as well as a friend referral, brought us together to both unravel and weave together a dream wedding dress.

The Bride's Vision: Tayla was drawn to gowns with modern glamour that had detailed fabric and design elements. A bit of sparkle along with features to catch the eye without compromising elegant style and of course to be a bit of a statement.

The Search: The search was extensive, including a trip to Sydney! We navigated a number of calls to discuss fabrics, potential alterations to an existing dress and finally settling on creating from scratch.

Finding "The One": The overall design was quite easy for Tayla to decide upon, However, the search for the perfect fabric proved to be challenging, but, I eventually stumbled across a final piece (no longer in production) from one of my suppliers, which was just the right amount to create Taylor's gown. The fabric ticked all of the boxes! Sparkle, texture, layered and lacey & within budget!

The Fitting Experience: With creating a couture gown, we have the option to refine the cut as we go, so we did go through a few variations of the bodice fit, in particular with how the neckline was going to sit.

The beauty of having something made is going step by step to bring a design to life. We also started with the idea of a modest train (to not be as long or big as her friend's Emily's dress) but we ended up with a fabulous and glamorous back view!

It was also lovely to see Taylor try the gown with her makeup and Hair trials, so we all got to see the overall look in the lead up to the big day!

Final Moment: Once we reached that final pearl button having been attached and the veil completed, we were both in love with the dress and so excited to see Tayla have her bride moment !

Photography Highlights: Thank you to both Tayla and Shot From The Heart Photography for these beautiful images. We hope you feel inspired by the following gallery!

Fashion Tips and Advice: Be inspired by weddings you see, but don't forget that you are putting your personal flair into everything. Talk to your suppliers about what your vision is (& if you have a budget you are working within) We all love to put a gorgeous wedding together and assist in making it the way that works for you. In terms of wedding dresses I think this is still a gorgeous gown and love this look for bride style in 2024, along with changes in fabrics to reflect the individual.

Conclusion: At the time of me finally being able to write up some notes and share these photos with you all, Tayla and Joel have been happily married for a while now. I constantly have joy from seeing the beauty and happiness from the weddings I get to contribute to, so I hope you enjoy a little look into Taylor's day also.

The team:

Photography: @shotfromtheheart

Ps, Taylor is one of our #bossbabebrides and runs her own business. You can follow her talent here @taylajaneartistry

She is also considering selling her gown to another bride, so if you love her dress exactly the way it is, you can message her directly. I am happy to provide alterations, if required, for the perfect fit.

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