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Boudoir Photoshoot

If Photographer, William Aung calls me with an idea for a photoshoot, I am always in!

Whilst I don't specialise in lingerie as such, it was super fun to put together the looks for this shoot (and threw in a semi sheer gown for good measure!)

My opinion is that boudoir shoots are a fun and oft times, confidence boosting photoshoot for individuals (in this case, woman) to participate in. In particular, I love that these images are feminine, sensual, artistic and beautiful.

A little bit different for my gallery, but I hope you enjoy.

William also has a behind the scenes on how he put the lighting and layout together here.

(Notice: Some of the following images contain implied and partial nudity)

Gowns & Clothing Items made by me

Butterfly tulle gown

Black mesh briefs

Lace Robe

Merino wool wrap

Silk satin bralet & shorts

Credits below images

Photography assistant: Francis

Model: Sasha Makov

Hair & Makeup: Ann-Marie

Featured embroidery details & earrings by Mary @ Studio.1118

Location: Mont du Soleil

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